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Good news for all business owners, agencies and marketers, WhatsApp has announced “WhatsApp for Business”.

Business owners, agencies and marketers are always in pursuit for new and unexplored avenues to increase their brand presence, generate leads or increase sales eventually. With rise of social media platforms, this group of people has used everything from Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest to Tinder for the purpose. Some spammers have not even left spamming personal messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike etc.

Yes, businesses can now use WhatsApp primarily for customer support, this what the messaging app is confirming. But I am sure marketers will find a way to use it for other purposes as well. They have been doing the same to other platforms in the past.

There is no such official announcement as of yet, however, they have disclosed it through their FAQs page. Link to the FAQs page – https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/26000052?lg=en&lc=US  (mobile view only, link won’t work on desktops). For people those are reading this article on Desktop, I have put the screenshots of the FAQ page at the end of this article.

It seems WhatsApp for Business will let its users engage with businesses to ask questions, look for support etc. Businesses can use it to keep their users apprised regarding their services such as booking confirmation, delay in flight schedule, outlets/service centers opening near you etc.

Even before the WhatsApp for Business service could be confirmed by the platform’s FAQ page, a reliable tipster WABetaInfo.com had leaked that the WhatsApp business users will get to benefit with WhatsApp via the service.

The website also had revealed that the new WhatsApp feature will impose some restriction to WhatsApp business account holders such as not being able to change the name, mandatory mention of website and email address in their profile etc. Also, they plan to setup controls to prevent spamming by the business users.

They are also verifying the WhatsApp business users and putting a Green Badge next to the contact’s name on WhatsApp. However, the verification part is not just restricted to Business users only but extending to normal users as well on the beta version of the app.

Whatsapp for Business (Image credit – WABetaInfo)

The feature list will also include setting up the Working hours by leaving away message whenever the Business users are not available and will be able to manage the messages automatically.

The blog also revealed that the WhatsApp business accounts that have several websites will feature a ‘Show More’ button that will show all the details about the business such as the category and working hours.

It’s a new opportunity for the Businesses to reach to new customer and service the existing customers through WhatsApp for Business features. The app is near to end in its Beta phase and ready for the release.  Very soon we will be able to see the new WhatsApp feature and hope to make good use of it.

WhatsApp for Business WhatsApp for Business

[Section Edited – 10th October 2017]

For people wondering where to download the apk file. It is available to beta testers and is available at APK Mirror. Apk link is here.

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